The medical room or Red Clinic

No matter whether you rather proceed with a Domina in treatment, or rather you become active as a Gynaecologist, here in the red clinic your white dreams will come true! The red pieces of furniture of treatment and the extensive medical equipment inspire very much and allow as weird like erotic clinic-sessions.


The gynaecologic examination chair can be also moved to an operating table! Electrically by the height as well as the inclination adjustably, are interminable seat and couch positions feasible with it. He is suited also to the strict fixation at extreme torture and questioning plays, as well as for gentle, erotic examination and doctor plays. Also for the loss of role plays, as for example exemption, it and the clinic offer the right scenery.

Treatment couch

The medical equipment encloses the whole palette of exotic tools like a trismus or a urethral dilatation tool, up to the current therapy device with changeable special electrodes for anal, vaginal or genital current treatments.

The specially wide surgery couch with many fixation possibility offers a lot of space for your dream.

Also the rubber fetishists, who often love it to lie extensively in rubber and being constricted or packed, enjoy this with pleasure here in the red rubber clinic.

Lady Luna de Ciel pays attention pernickety to the observance of the highest hygienic standards. Catheters, needles and the like are for good reason sterilely packed onway tools. They will be unpacked only to the processing and where disposed of immediately after the use.