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Studio Stations

A little insight into the dressing room. This is where the heart of the fetishists beats faster!
Already the smell of latex and rubber, which met this space, stimulates the imagination. Lovers can choose here from an extensively Rubber selection. From the latex suit to the rubber bag, over latex stockings to the gas mask or the latex toggle, inflatable or not . . .

Latex and TV wardrobe

The cloakroom is used with pleasure, particularly for longer times, by TV lovers for changing and trying some dresses. Here "She" can foraging and feel deep in woman clothes. Once trying the suspender belt and nylon stockings, once put on a corset; the black wet-look dress would certainly look good, or rather the blue dress with the appropriate purse? If the fitting one is found than, it goes to next door for makeup and hairdressing.

exhibition fixingcorner

Fixations on the leather coated exhibition corner in the studio floor become only at explicit wish and, out of consideration for our other guests, carried out only with blindfolded. Thereby it becomes less thrilling, however, by no means!

Bounded, without the prospect to escape. With blindfolded, and nevertheless the eyes of the Ladys and the studio guests delivered. The female whisper in your ear makes beating your pulse faster. But can you really trust to this sweet, sensuous voice? Feel it!

Of course still must be called here the wet area, as well as the sanitary area. Also they are suitable stations for the one or the other bizarre or humid-erotic play.
Various stations, but all have one thing in common - the bizarre, the fantasy stimulating atmosphere of an SM-Studio, in which the crackling eroticism of the thrilling dressed ladies is literally to grasp.