Dark Cabinet Maids Room Studio Stations Rental

Maids Room alias red Cabinet

Almost as big as the Cabinet, the maids room also offers plenty of space for your games. Held completely in charming red tones, it is one of the most erotic rooms in the studio La Luna. Nice meanness can as be carried out here as harder punishments and chain plays.

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Bondage lovers will take in the chain poles and in the kneeler her erotic pleasure. Both are equipped with an amount of fixing hooks, for every conceivable weird chain position. Bondage ropes of natural and synthetic fibres but also spread bars or tethered rods are abundant.

For fixing also the compulsory penal goat is suited, which is red in this room of course. Hunched over it, the slave creature is ready to spank his bum or for anus and other deeper going games.

The pulley enables to let float also heavy play partners in all possible variations.