Soft-Slave and Maid Angelina

I am a servile by nature slave which also realises privately her BDSM enthusiasm. Especially tingling I find it, to be delivered to my lord. Therefore I like all possible kinds of Bondage, also with toggle and blindfold. Such a toggle can also be very useful sometimes, because I might be expressed from time to time from pain or desire.

Let us experience together your most confidential and different-best-behaved repressive delivery and use imaginations. With me you have the opportunity to develop yourself completely and to do with me all the things you have always dreamed of.

Slave in the pillory

Let me sink into a world from pain and unspeakable desire in which you have alone the power to grant mercy or woolly delight.

I expects my seducer and master allways Wednesday, Thursday and Friday exclusively in the BDSM dungeon La Luna!

Angelina in the cage

With you together I would like to investigate my passive inclinations further and realise them. Helplessly tied up I receive from you warming up, stimulative blows or slaps on my disobedient bottom. Also clips and candle wax I accept everywhere on my youthful body.

Always I will be to you with devotion to services, and prepare for you never experienced feelings of lust sensations. Multifaceted and changeably, I am open for many variations of the game, for the experienced master, as well as for the beginner who is still in search of his destiny.

Community education through couples is equally welcome. With pleasure also presentations or common sessions in threes are possible with my mistress Lady Luna.
Please with Dominatrix Lady Luna de Ciel arrange and schedule.