Slave Isabel

From nature rather not very servilely - which does not mean that someone cannot bring me along - but rather proudly and thereby also sometimes a little defiantly, I love to be restrained of you with a strong hand. For that, a fixation is often very helpful, just as sensual deprivation, which I also like very much. A toggle in the mouth or a bandage over the eyes can as enrich the play as latex, wet look and leather. All kinds of binding, from handcuffs or leather shackles up to extreme Japanese Bondage I love very much. These are also needed quite often in the game to keep me in the bridle...

Sklavin auf Strafbank

Together, we experience your most secretly fantasies and bizarre desires! Control, use and demand me! Explore together with me my masochistic tendencies and my limitations and inspire me with your fantasies!

Allways Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I expect you exclusively in the Studio La Luna!

Sklavin am Flaschenzug

With pleasure I expect from you a few warming up blows or dabs on my naughtily bottom. Also I find it stimulative, if you attach some clips to my nipples or dribble me of hot candle wax at certain places. However, as a medium heavy debitable slave, I still have some limits which I cannot exceed.

Provided that it lies in the area of my possibilities, I show with pleasure consideration for your special fetish.

What I oppose are rowdies and frustration tormentors as well as remaining tracks, unsave practices and scat.

Of course, presentations by a mistress are also possible as community educations in threes. Because of the appointment arrangements it is the best to agree this with the Dominatrix . However, very much with pleasure you can also speak to me personally on the studio phone and agree on an appointment for a weird adventure in twos.